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Institute of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics
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Head of Institute

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Univ.-Prof. Gerd Bramerdorfer, PhD SMIEEE MT 0269 6421 gerd.bramerdorfer(at)jku.at

Vice Head

Name Room Phone E-Mail

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Wolfgang Gruber

Professor for Electrical Fractional-Horsepower Drives and
Magnetic Bearing Technology

MT 0265 6435 wolfgang.gruber(at)jku.at

University Assistants

Name Room Phone E-Mail
DI Christoph Dobler MT 0265 6429


DI Stefan Mallinger MT 0265   stefan.mallinger(at)jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Mag. Claudia Klambauer MT 0268 6420 office.eal(at)jku.at
Mag. (FH) Christine Gruber MT 0268 6420 office.eal(at)jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Gertraud Müller MT 0268 6422 gertraud.mueller(at)jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Gerhard Strasser MT 0279 6442 gerhard.strasser(at)jku.at
Idil Somer MT 0279 6453 idil.somer(at)jku.at

Scientific Staff

Name Room Phone E-Mail
DI Peter Dirnberger MT 0255 6075 peter.dirnberger(at)jku.at
DI Gereon Goldbeck MT 0285 6428 gereon.goldbeck(at)jku.at
DI Dr. Edmund Marth MT 0261 6432 edmund.marth(at)jku.at
DI Andreas Pröll MT 0271 6452 andreas_josef.proell(at)jku.at
DI Daniel Wöckinger MT 0271 6451 daniel.wöckinger(at)jku.at
DI Patrick Zorn MT 0261 6433 patrick.zorn(at)jku.at
Mohammad Torabi Shahbaz, MSc. MT 0248 6437 mohammad.torabi_shahbaz(at)jku.at
DI Gabriel Weissitsch MT 0248 6437 gabriel.weissitsch(at)jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
DI Dr. Florian Poltschak MT 0249 6436 florian.poltschak(at)jku.at
DI Sebastian Fizek MT 0250 6446 sebastian.fizek(at)jku.at
DI Bogdan Miroschnitschenko MT 0250 6449 bogdan.miroschnitschenko(at)jku.at
DI David Rafetseder MT 0250 6440 david.rafetseder(at)jku.at

Guest Lecturers