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Bachelor's Theses

The Bachelor's Thesis ...

... includes total of 7.5 ECTS credits (incl. the Bachelor's seminar)

In order to sign up for the Bachelor's seminar, you must have:

  • successfully completed the Bachelor's internship "Electrical Machines"
  • successfully completed courses to the extent of a minimum of 80 ECTS credits in all mandatory subjects

Please note the following information in regard to the Bachelor's seminar:

Writing a thesis is required as part of the Bachelor's seminar. Complete and submit the thesis during the semester in which you took the Bachelor's seminar. Vacation periods between the semesters formal count towards the previous semester and students can use the time to work on their thesis.

Currently open Bachelor's theses topics are listed below.

The specific topic will be assigned after a personal consultation with your supervisor / contact person. Students can beginning working on their Bachelor's thesis at the beginning of each semester at the earliest. Alternatively, students can take the Bachelor's seminar during the current semester but the deadline remains unaffected.

In regard to the respective Summer Semester, submit your thesis by no later than September 30. For the respective Winter Semester, submit your thesis by no later than February 28. Your supervisor will determine the schedule for your paper by means of two intermediate presentations and one final detailed presentation. See: "Brochure on Requirements to Grade the Bachelor's Thesis" to learn more.

Important: Sign up for the Bachelor's seminar in KUSSS!