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Buchgeher Stefan

Electronics Engineer

Curriculum Vitae

born in Linz, single, one daughter

1982 - 1990
Primary School/Secondary School in Niederwaldkirchen, Austria

1990 - 1991
Technical College for Electrical Engineering at HTL Paul Hahn Linz, Austria

1991 - 1998
Technical College for Electronics at HTL Leonding, Austria

1998 - 1999
Military Service

1999 - 2003
Electronics Engineer and Software Engineer at various companies

since 15-12-2003
Electronics Engineer at Institute of Experimental Physics, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Professional activities and interests

  • Maintenance of electronic equipment for scientific use
  • Maintenance of all electronics for internal stuff use (PC hardware/software, Printer, etc.)
  • Development of electronic equipment and components for lecture and scientific research
  • Electronic Support and students' assistance in troubleshooting of electronic scientific equipment

Other interests

  • My favourite Hobby is electronics (especially with PIC-Microcontrollers). Visit my personal Homepage (www.stefan-buchgeher.info ) where I published my own electronic projects and experiences
  • Softball (a simpler kind of Baseball) at the “Gramastettner Highlanders” (www.highlanders.at )
  • Table tennis (at home)
  • Scottish dancing (www.flyingkilts.at)
  • Board games (Die Siedler von Catan, Carcassonne, Agricola, ...), card games
  • Reading