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Institute of Financial Mathematics and Applied Number Theory
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Some members of our institute published mathematical books. Here you can find a short overview about them:

Applied Algebra and Number Theory

Gerhard Larcher, Friedrich Pillichshammer, Arne Winterhof, Chaoping Xing

Uniform Distribution and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Discrepancy, Integration and Applications

Peter Kritzer, Harald Niederreiter, Friedrich Pillichshammer, Arne Winterhof

Introduction to Quasi-Monte Carlo Integration and Applications

Gunther Leobacher, Friedrich Pillichshammer

Digital Nets and Sequences

Discrepancy Theory and Quasi – Monte Carlo Integration

Josef Dick, Friedrich Pillichshammer

Moderne Finanzmathematik – Theorie und praktische Anwendung Band 2

Erweiterungen des Black-Scholes-Modells, Zins, Kreditrisiko und Statistik

Sascha Desmettre, Ralf Korn

Das Buch zeigt das Cover des Buches "Moderne Finanzmathematik – Theorie und praktische Anwendung Band 2"

Discrepancy Theory

Dmitriy Bilyk, Josef Dick, Friedrich Pillichshammer

Quantitative Finance

Strategien, Investments, Analysen

Gerhard Larcher