Our Team

Team of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Head of the Institute

Name Room Extension number E-Mail

University Professors

Name Room Extension number E-Mail


General Staff

Name Room Extension number E-Mail
Tina Santner KG 516 5101
Mag.a Vesela Peham KG 516 5102

Research Assistants

Name Room Extension number E-Mail
Dr. Petr Rathner KG 503 5105
Carolina Picasso, MSc KG 507 5109
Ali Tuna, MSc KG 508 5110

Visiting Researchers & other Staff

Name Room Extension number E-Mail
Dipl.-Biol.Univ. Claudia Knör KG 515 5102
Mag. Michaela Wirth - 5101
Prof. Dr. Magal Saphier - -  

Non-scientific Staff

Name Room Extension number E-Mail
Karl Prager T 406/2 5114
Heinrich Peirlberger KG 509 5111

Former Head of the Institute - Emeritus

Name Room Extension number E-Mail

em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Herbert Boller

KG 515

Former Team Members & Research Assistants

Name ehem. Position E-Mail Kerstin Oppelt Research Assistent Elham Kianfar Research Assistent
Dr. Mariusz Wolff Research Assistent
DIin Daniela Otte Research Assistent
Mag. Martin Ertl Research Assistent
Dr. Mrinmay Mandal Research Assistent   
DI Dr. Lorenz Michael Reith Research Assistent Elisa Tordin Post-Doc Assistent (EU ERA-Net, FWF)  
DIin Christa Hirtenlehner Project Assistent (EU ERA-Net, FWF) Maria Wiesbauer, MSc. Project Assistent (FWF)
DIin Petra Gründlinger Project Assistent (FWF)
DIin Sabrina Theis Project Assistent (FWF)  
Dr. Simon Salzl, MSc. Project Assistent (FFG)
DI Dr. Christoph Topf Project Assistent (FWF)  
DI Dr. Manuel Kaiser Project Assistent (FWF)  
DIin Eva Wöß Project Assistent (FWF)  
DI Manuel Schulz Project Assistent (FFG)  
Assoz. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Uwe Monkowius former Post-Doc  
Assoz. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schöfberger former Post-Doc  
Mag. Bernhard Zauner Master Student  
DI Christoph Steinlechner Master Student  
Mag.a Maria Fischl    
Johann Kühnl Electrical Engineer