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Institute of Leadership and Change Management
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Center for Managing Change

Dynamic Capabilities and dealing with barriers to organizational change.

The Center for Managing Change aims to make theoretical knowledge of organizational change and learning processes accessible to practitioners who are confronted with the challenge of permanent change. A special focus is put on dynamic capabilities and a actively shaping organizational change through group processes.


Institute of Leadership and Change Management

Contact person

Dr. Arne Keller

Contributions to research

  • Güttel, Wolfgang H./Konlechner, Stefan W./Müller, Barbara (2012): Entscheidungsmuster und Veränderungsarchitekturen in Wandelprozessen: Eine Dynamic Capabilities-Perspektive. Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, Vol. 64, 630-654.
  • Vogel, Rick/Güttel, Wolfgang H. (2013): The Dynamic Capability View in Strategic Management: A Bibliometric Review. International Journal of Management Review, Vol. 15, 426-446.
  • Güttel, Wolfgang H./Link, Karin (2014): Führung in Veränderungsprozessen. Sinn, Motivation und Selbststeuerung. Austrian Management Review, Vol. 4.
  • Konlechner, Stefan W./Müller, Barbara/Güttel, Wolfgang H./Koprax, Irina/Link, Karin (2016): A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Role of Artifacts in InterpretiveSchema Change. Schmalenbach Business Review, Vol. 17: 129-150.
  • Konlechner, Stefan W./Müller, Barbara/Güttel, Wolfgang H. (2017): A dynamiccapabilities perspective on managing technological change: a review, frameworkand research agenda. International Journal of Technology Management, (accepted for publication; forthcoming).

Practical projects / partners

  • Böhringer-Ingelheim, HPSG Germany: Research on how a quality culture initiative influences the organizational culture and which role psychological safety plays in this process.
  • Project in a municipality: Research on processes that hinder the development of a common group identity within a project group. The main focus lies on group identity development processes and disidentification processes.