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Institute of Machine Design and Hydraulic Drives
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Mission statement


Education of our students is aiming at solution competence and flexibility. We emphasise mastering of fundamentals, the practical use of theories, and correlate knowledge with those of other disciplines.


Hydraulic drive technology is our main research field. As a truly mechatronic discipline it offers the opportunity to realise mechatronics in our own research and many links to the other research groups within the mechatronics department.

Following the principle of research oriented teaching and the need of the local industry the systematic design of mechatronic systems is our second area of research.

We want to balance theory and practice, computation and experiment, basic and applied research. Basic research should contribute to the long-term development of our scientific disciplines, pave the way for fundamental innovations, and support the sound scientific education of the own scientific staff.

Applied research serves the know-how transfer to practice, promotion of science, to keep contact with practice for a vivid and well tuned teaching, and for preparing the scientific staff for a later industrial or academic career.

We want to stay a rather small, efficient and flexible research group and not a huge, difficult to control research unit.

The success of our work should be measured by publications in reviewed journals and proceedings, by a realisation of basic new solution concepts in practice, by patents with relevance for industry, and by applied research which meets the given goals. Quality and inventiveness stay above quantity.

The scientific staff should given sufficient time for their own scientific work and for the completion of their education and, at the beginning, a good scientific supervision for a fast access to the international state of the art in their research field.