We want to practice mechatronics also in our research. The main research field oil-hydraulics (hydrostatic drive technology) already today is an expressed mechatronic discipline. We see great innovation potentials for hydraulics by

  • exploiting the progress in micro electronics
  • emphasizing the system aspect – apply mechatronic design concepts
  • a better understanding of dynamic processes and their exploitation for improving the performance of hydraulic drives
  • courageously applying innovative concepts

Our second area of research – systematic design of mechatronic systems – also serves a successful realization of mechatronics in practice. This work is done in close co-operation with industry.

Research Projects at the IMH

Model updating of coupled hydraulic-mechanical
systems Gudrun Mikota

Further information

Systemmodels – Optimization – MBSE Michael Friedl, Rudolf Scheidl et al.

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