Bachelor / Master Theses

The institute prefers bachelor and master theses in the following topics:

  • fluid power actuators, drives, and systems
  • innovative hydraulic components (valves, pumps, accumulators)
  • measurement and control problems in a fluid power context
  • general mechanical engineering problems such as mechanical component design, modeling, simulation and optimization
  • Mechatronic product development

Independent of these general topics and of the specific topics listed below ("Actual master theses") subjects can be selected, for instance, such proposed by the student or by industrial companies. Furthermore, any topic can be selected which meets the interests of student and is within the wide competency range of the institute. The professors of the institute are willing to discuss such issues with interested students.

Further information will be given by Prof. Scheidl or Prof. Manhartsgruber.

Specific rules for the formal procedures and the final issuance of a thesis are given by the IMH Thesis Rules.

Style sheets in LaTeX and LyX can be downloaded: