The hedging of the business location Austria through continuous development is
of integral (ethnic) economic, social, political and individual significance.

Different factors are at different levels (macro-, meso-, and
Micro level) have to be considered: At the macro level, u.a. on the prognosis of
Austrian National Bank, therefore from 2018 the real available
Household income to an ever-increasing share of social benefits. On
The meso level is the business location Austria characterized by SMEs - in 2014 this was 99.7%
the company. These are often founders or family-run and have high levels
Growth potential, but are often faced with the challenge of appropriate specialist and
To recruit management personnel in even remote regions and in the long term in the company too

Furthermore, the factor labor is heavily taxed in Austria. At the micro level are
For employees, above all, the dimensions of co-determination, job security and monetary
Advantage of interest. Employee participation can meet the objectives of the various
(internal) stakeholders with the common goal of sustainable and therefore also economic
Harmonize corporate continuity. This provides an advantage in terms of income,
Mitgestaltungsmöglichkeiten and not least job security or site expansion dar.
Investments not only create new jobs but also one
economic strengthening of the region as a whole also for other companies and thus are
from an economic point of view (not least due to the (increased) generated tax revenue) for
the state of interest.

The objective of the dissertation is therefore the development of recommendations for action
Model of an inclusive, long-term employee equity investment with the focus on
increased co-determination rights as well as behavioral changes of employees towards