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Practical orientation

BMD Business Software for the course "IT Systems for Management Accounting"

As of the 2022/2023 Winter Semester, BMD Systemhaus Ltd. will provide students with access to training as part of the course.

Students in the "IT Systems for Management Accounting" course can acquire initial experience with the management accounting module by BMD Business Software.

The new software allows for hands-on training in reporting, analysis and budgeting based on using state-of-the-art controlling software. We would like to thank Roland Beranek MBA, head of the BMD Academy, for his valuable and dedicated support!

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The work at the Institut for Management Control and Consulting is strongly influenced by business practice and is reflected in practice-oriented research and teaching.

Cooperations in the form of projects, case studies, internships as well as diploma and master theses have been a long tradition at our Institute.


Case Study Seminar

In the Case Study Seminar, for example, students are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired in their previous studies in the form of a project or an internship for a company. In this way, students not only gain impressions of corporate practice, but also learn how to apply the theoretical methods and instruments in practice.

TIP: Students have the opportunity to complete the course as part of a relevant professional internship. It is the student's responsibility to search for an internship. The internship will be completed in close proximity to the respective course. The focus of the elaboration as well as the necessary extent will be agreed upon with the teacher of the course before the beginning.

The controlling specific background of the internship or project is a requirement. The topics chosen so far range from very specific controlling and reporting aspects to project controlling tasks and management consulting issues.


Practice-oriented diploma and master theses

If, on the other hand, a longer presence on site in the company is required, practice-oriented diploma and master theses are offered, in which theory-based, tailor-made solutions to the problems of the respective company are developed.

In general, students benefit from the intensive contact between the Institute and its practice partners. For example, outstanding study achievements have regularly been awarded prizes or students have been offered the opportunity to gain further insights into corporate practice in the form of excursions and workshops (e.g. annual conference on corporate restructuring).



On the other hand, partners have the opportunity to position themselves as an attractive employer for future graduates of the Institute and to benefit from the knowledge transfer with the university.


Practical lectures

A further focus of the practical orientation are the practical lectures at our Institute. Specialists from the corporate world give lectures on their activities, career paths, controlling in the respective company or on current questions and problems.


Possible cooperations with business practice

  • Excursions
  • Case studies
  • Practice-oriented diploma and master theses
  • Lectures
  • Joint projects (e.g. implementation of a personnel controlling)
  • Internships (students of the Institute in temporary practical training)