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Case Study Seminar

Procedure Case Study Seminar

Based on the information they receive from the company, the students develop a concept that is presented in the case study seminar and usually also in the company itself. In this seminar, the students can prove that they are able to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned so far independently and in a practice-oriented manner, i.e. the concepts are not purely scientific, but rather economic solutions that correspond to the purposes of the company.

In the context of an extensive discussion, a decision is made on the feasibility and the form of execution. Subsequently, the projects will be completed within a period of approx. 2 months - longer for larger projects. Despite the predominantly high commitment of the students, the professional and motivational support of the supervisors is of great importance. Not to be underestimated is also the time spent by the entrepreneurs within the project. Experience shows that the success of a project stands and falls with the attention and interest of the client.

The projects realised so far have been assessed very positively by the economic partners, which is also expressed by the fact that some graduates of the major "Controlling" later became employees in these companies.