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Institute of Measurement Technology
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Welcome to the Institute of Measurement Technology!

We teach and research the use of electrical, magnetic, optical and acoustic methods for precise measurements.

Measurement Technology: Key Element of Scientific and Engineering Progress

Measurement is the basis for progress in science and engineering. Improved systems have been instrumental in advancing industrial automation. Now, the digital transformation presents a new opportunity to automate complex production lines, leading to greater efficiency, energy savings, improved product quality, and increased plant safety. Measurement and sensor technology is a critical component of this digitalization process, providing vital information about production conditions.

Our Mission: Educate and Advance the Field

We educate the next generation of measurement professionals by providing a strong foundation in the fundamentals and advanced topics. Our courses cover topics ranging from the basics of electrical measurement to cutting-edge areas such as tomographic measurement techniques and image processing. Our diverse research program explores many aspects of measurement. Our team investigates innovative instrumentation and sensors, with a special focus on multidimensional measurement for industrial applications.

Discover the exciting world of measurement technology at the IMT! Explore our website and learn more about the courses and theses offered at the institute, meet our team, and discover our research that are pushing the boundaries of the field. See how measurement technology is helping to shape the industries of tomorrow!

Institute of Measurement Technology


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Hochschulfond Bldg., North Wing, Ground Floor, Rm. HF 011

Office Hours

Tues: 8.00 AM-3.00 PM
Wed: 8.00 AM-3.00 PM
Thurs: 8.00 AM-3.00 PM


+43 732 2468 5920


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