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Institute of Measurement Technology
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Welcome to the Institute of Measurement Technology!

The Institute of Electrical Measurement conducts research and hold university courses in the field of electromagnetic, optical and acoustic measurement principles, sensors and actuators as well as signal and image processing.

The age of industrialization marked the beginnings of measurement technology, a technical discipline that has experienced far-reaching transformation over the ages. As part of the automation process during the first half of the 20th century, new measurement principles supported the industrial automation process and mechanically operated sensors were gradually replaced by electrical sensors. Additional advancements in technology mean that since the end of the 20th century, these advancements can now be implemented as part of microsystem technology. As part of the current Industry 4.0 program, work is underway to bring real and digital worlds together, giving measurement technology a leading role at the crossroads of these two areas.

The Institute of Electrical Measurement's mission is to provide students with a base-knowledge and advanced understanding of the subject area, along with conveying the skills and expertise they need to work in the field of measurement technology and drive advancement forward. Courses offered include the fundamentals of electrical measurement technology, sensors and actuators as well as advanced courses in specific areas, such as optical measurement technology, precision measurement technology, signal and image processing.

The Institute of Electrical Measurement conducts wide-ranging research on diverse topics, allowing employees to acquire insight into various sub-areas of relevance to the field of measurement technology. Current and past research topics included capacitive, magnetic and optical sensor technology, printed electronics, ultrasonic microscopy and non-destructive material testing. Please refer to our research overview.

Institute of Measurement Technology


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