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Bachelor Theses Archive.

Finished Bachelor and Project Seminar Theses

2022 - 2019


2018 - 2016


Title Author Publication

Device to measure the ultraviolet radiation, the radon exposure and the atmospheric pressure

Patrick Klement August 2018

Room climate station

Felix Kubinger July 2018

Sensordevelopment and measurement of railway cracks

Fadil Omeragic

February 2018






Design of a measurement system with capacitive proximity sensors for the determination of the position of objects

Peter Philipp Hanns

August 2017

Measurement system for gesture recognition

Tobias Kronlachner

August 2017

Detection of geometric changes with resonance

Martin Rogner August 2017

Development of a reference measuring system for position detection of fingertips

Daniel Ott

March 2017

2015 - 2010


Title Author Publication

Development of a mobile acceleration sensing device with a datalogger for comfort evaluation in coaches

Michael Schober

August 2015

Development of a measurement setup for microphone calibration by the reciprocity technique

Kurt Thaller

August 2015

Capacitive position measurement using a rubber mat

Thomas Grubmüller

August 2015

Flashlight sintering of inkjet printed electronics

Thomas Altmanninger

August 2015

Underwater Voice Transmission via Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Transducer and Light

Bernhard Uhl

August 2015

Data logger for a digital linear gauge

Boris Tasevski February 2015


Title Author Publication

Adaptive measurement system based on LinuxCNC and COMEDI

Robert Wallner

September 2014

Optical measurement of crack propagation experiments

Seyed Iman Saberi Fathi September 2014

Analysis of surface change of electrically stressed conduction paths

Lisa Sonnleithner

Juli 2014



Author Publication
Digital temperature measuring instrument Mathias Gebhard Gantner September 2013

Possibilities to improve the directional hearing under water

N.N. August 2013

Conceptualization of a 3-DOF force sensor

Dominik Lorenz August 2013

Low Distortion Signal Transmission - Influence of Coupling Mechanisms

Peter Kienmeyer March 2013
Segmentation of the board of a labyrinth game Thomas Jedinger February 2013


Title Author Publication

Characterisation of a 24-bit capacitance-to-digital converter (AD7746)

Jürgen Josef July 2012

Using optical mice as low-cost-sensors

Richard Gstöttenmayr February 2012


Title Author Publication

Detection of user-related action along the lines of the compound eyes for the control of urinals

Johannes Wöß December 2011

Laser-pointer Based Intent Recognition for Controlling Computer-Aided Presentations

Jochen Oberreiter October 2011

Measurement of the electrolytic conductivity

Birgit Pühringer

August 2011


Title Author Publication

Real-time-processing of 3 axis-accelerometer-data for servo-motors controlling

Thomas Gassner December 2010
Closed loop control of the magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit Stefan Neureiter August 2010
Development of a test setup to determine the force-elongation-diagram of a hair Thomas Baumgartner August 2010
Automation of the measuring unit for the project BlueStripe Stephan Gschwandtner August 2010

Development of a universal microcontroller module with USB-interface

Martin Degelsegger August 2010

Analysis and Optimization of the transdermal Blood-Velocity-Measurement

Bruno Bosnjak July 2010

Image processing to solve a maze automatically

Paul Freudenthaler April 2010

Mobile Low-Cost Accelerometer-Module

Severin Wiesmüller January 2010


Title Author Publication

On-line Measurement of Refractive Index Variations in Optical Foils by Means of the Schlierentechnique

Dominik Hofer

September 2008

Control for a laser diode mount Werner Zemliczka July 2008

Image Processing for Optical Quality Control in Technical Processes  

Alex Pedrosa-Yoldi

June 2008


Title Author Publication

Analysis and improvement of a magneto-resistive position measurement circuit  

Helmut Wernick

August 2007

Shape Analysis for Quality Assurance of Steel Coils

Johannes Atzlesberger

June 2007

High Speed Digital Conversion

Norbert Eidenberger

May 2007

Student Problems: Inductive coupling

Maria Thumfart April 2007


Title Author Publication

Anbindung einer Zeilenkamera an einen PC/104 Embedded-PC, opens an external URL in a new window (only available in German)

Alexander Niedermayer

April 2005

Fouriertransformations-Infrarotspektrometer, opens an external URL in a new window (only available in German)

Mario Hirth und Günther Hannesschläger

December 2004

Aufbau eines Laborübungssystems zur Simulation von ADC Wandlern mit Hilfe von Mikrocontrollern, opens an external URL in a new window (only available in German)

Klaus Raggl und Andreas Kofler

November 2004