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Bachelor Theses.

Design of a measurement system with capacitive proximity sensors for the determination of the position of objects

Peter Philipp Hanns


This thesis deals with the touchless position estimation of human finger tips for subsequent gesture recognition.
This happens in cooperation with the company WimTec Sanitaerprodukte GmbH, opens an external URL in a new window, which develops and sells outstanding products in the sanitary area. The outcomes are used to extend the knowledge on contactless controllable sanitary products.
With that backround a measurement system is developed on the basis of the capacitive measurement chip FDC1004 from Texas Instruments (TI). This includes the design and manufacturing of the prime measurement board, which executes measurements, the electrode board and a control via microcontroller. To reduce interferences of parasitical capacitances the concept of common guard shielding is used, which means that the measurement signal is utilized as mutual shield signal. The measurements done with this hardware are evaluated and compared to simulatons and a for this purpose adapted model. With the aid of this model the position is calculated, which is set in contrast to the actual position. To ensure repeatable measurements a 3-axis linear stage and a human finger model (grounded brass zylinder) is used.

Keywords: human-machine-interface, capacity, touchless, gesture recognition

August 4th, 2017

Figure 1: This picture shows the measurement system, the measurement object and its handling.