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Detection of user-related action along the lines of the compound eyes for the control of urinals

Johannes Wöß


The main problem of battery-powered urinal control systems is the limited durability of the battery. This seminar paper discusses the question, if the detection of persons, using bionic-inspired image processing, can be accomplished in a more efficient way. The image processing uses fewer ascertained pixels and is similar to an insect-eye. A webcam is used for the "insect-eye-sensor" to be more independent of special hardware. From the aquired high-resolution-pictures specific areas are combined and their average grey-levels are calculated. Later the brightness-levels are scanned with photoelements and because of the variation of these, persons movements can be related on. With these informations the urinal system, which is based on image processing, should be realizable.

Keywords: bionic, urinal, control, image processing

December 22, 2011