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Development of a reference measuring system for position detection of fingertips

Daniel Ott


The developed reference measuring system is used to determine the position of the fingertip in a defined measuring volume.
A Leap Motion Controller is used for position measurement. The core piece is the infrared stereo cameras with three infrared light-emitting diodes.
The generated images are processed with image processing methods which then provide subpixel-accurate positions for both cameraimages.
Simple triangulation is used to transform the positions into world coordinates. It is possible to use a calibration chart to transform the measured points into any desired coordinate system.
For this purpose, a coordinate transformation is applied. The measuring system serves as a reference for sensors which do not measure the position visually, such as the Microchip board MGC3130, which is used as a test object in this work.

The following thesis initially enlarges on the general basic information about image processing, which is associated with the principle of the measurement.
It continues with the measurement of the Leap Motion Controller and the Microchip board, this leads to the work on calibrating the cameras and developing different fingertip detection methods.
Furthermore the best method is selected to ultimately integrate it into the reference system.

March 4th, 2017