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Image processing to solve a maze automatically

Paul Freudenthaler


The objective of this project seminar thesis is to solve a maze and display its solution. This is done by first taking a picture of the labyrinth using a video camera. The next step is to find a valid solution followed by the last step which is to display the found solution. Figure 1 shows a maze and one possible solution.
Different image processing algorithms are reviewed and an appropriate selection is implemented. Furthermore an algorithm designed to solve mazes is applied. Moreover different strategies to display the solution of the labyrinth are developed and discussed. The conclusion of the project seminar thesis is the design of a mechanical assembly which should meet all the needs of the system to work properly. This mechanical assembly is shown in Figure 2.

Keywords: camera control, image processing, algorithm for solving labyrinths

April 09, 2010

Figure 1: Maze with one possible solution Figure 2: Mechanical assembly, 1: maze board, 2: beam deflexion, 3: webcam, 4: case, 5: cover