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Institute of Mechatronic Design and Production
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Mission Statement.


  • Mechatronic Systems consist of solutions from various engineering disciplines  

  • a mechatronic design process must integrate various disciplines  

  • rising complexity of products and design processes  

  • keep track of dependencies between disciplines and (sub-) systems  

  • different CAx tools are utilized in those disciplines  


Research topics

Modeling & Simulation

  • Mathematical modeling

  • Computer simulation

    • numerical

    • semi-analytical

    • analytical

  • Model reduction

  • FEM (Finite Element Method)

    • 2D

    • 3D

Design Methods

  • Procedure models for

    • Product development

    • Mechatronic design

    • Model-based design

    • Performance checks

  • Models for model-based design

    •  System modeling

    •  Hierarchical models

    •  Modular modeling

    •  Model integration

    •  Model reduction

  • Customer-oriented concept development

  • Concept evaluation

  • Design automation

  • ...