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Institute of Mechatronic Design and Production
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These are the members of the Institute of Mechatronic Design and Production:


Prov. Head of the Institute

name room extension number email
Priv.-Doz. DI Dr. Thomas Pumhössel MT 0167 6560 thomas.pumhoessel(at)jku.at


Emeritus Professor

name room extension number email
em. o.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Klaus Zeman MT 0171 6541 klaus.zeman(at)jku.at


University Assistants

name room extension number email
DI Dr. Andreas W. Nemetz MT 0160 6564 andreas_walter.nemetz(at)jku.at
DI Armin Berger MT 0152 6554 armin.berger(at)jku.at


Research Assistants

DI Dr. Daniel Strasser MT 0151 6548 daniel.strasser(at)jku.at

Azad Khandoker, MSc, opens in new window

MT 0159 6549 azad.khandoker(at)jku.at


Student Assistants

name room extension number email
Paul Shamiyeh MT 0162 6557 paul.shamiyeh(at)jku.at


name room extension number email

Reinhold Wartecker

MT 0166 (Office)

MT 0025 (CAM-Lab)






name room extension number email
Jeannine Offenbacher, MSc MT 0170 6543 jeannine_danielle.offenbacher(at)jku.at
Susanne Reisinger MT 0170 6542 susanne.reisinger(at)jku.at


Former Employees

name room extension number email
DI Andreas Kellner - - andreas.kellner(at)jku.at
DI Lukas Weingartner - - lukas.weingartner(at)jku.at
Florian Suppan - - florian.suppan(at)jku.at
Gabriele Prager - - gabriele.prager(at)jku.at
Paul Schröcker, BSc - - paul.schroecker@jku.at
Ulrike Kutschera, BSc - - ulrike.kutschera(at)jku.at
Guido Gessl - - guido.gessl(at)jku.at
DI Helmut Wahl - - helmut.wahl_1(at)jku.at
Andreas Wenigwieser, BSc - - andreas.wenigwieser(at)jku.at
DI(FH) Franz Jungreitmayr - - franz.jungreitmayr(at)jku.at
DI Godwin Ohenhen - - godwin.ohenhen(at)jku.at
Birgit Schimmel, LLB - - birgit.schimmel(at)jku.at
Patrick Ginzinger, BSc - - patrick.ginzinger(at)jku.at
DI David Holzer - - david.holzer(at)jku.at