ACCM Multi-Firm-Project System Models for Mechatronic Design SyMMDe (2013-2017).

SyMMDe is aiming at deriving advanced approaches for the development of mechatronic systems and at finding innovative mechatronic solution concepts for the mechatronization of production systems.

As the early phases of design are of utmost importance for the success of a product, the main focus will be laid on the phases of conceptual design and preliminary design with special emphasis on an enhanced system view by “system modeling” to master the increasing function density and complexity of mechatronic products and the related design processes.

The goals of SyMMDe are

  • Methods for a systematic development of system models for an improved system view
  • Methods for a transparent view on internal design processes
  • Efficient coupling and integration of discipline-specific models that usually serve as the basis for CAx-tools, to models of a super-ordinate system.
  • Definition of a proper (hierarchical) model structure, of proper interfaces (regarding, e.g., physical properties, CAx tools) between the different model types

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