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Institute of Networks and Security
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Topics and Scenarios:

  • IPv4- & IPv6-User-Scenarios
  • TCP-Performance-Tests (Based e.g. on WANem or m0n0wall)
  • Server-Administration (Virtualization, CIFS/Samba, DFS, DHCP, DNS, NTP, HTTP + FTP, ADS, SMTP + IMAP + POP3)
  • Switching (VLANs, Q-in-Q, STP/RST/MSTP, ERP, ULDL, LACP+FEC, LLD+CDP, PoE)
  • IPv4- & IPv6 Routing (Static, VRRP+HSRP, BFD, NAT/NAPT, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, MPLS,)
  • Load-Sharing, Clustering, QoS (ECMP, Web load-balancing, Firewall clustering, VLAN priorities, IP DSCP)
  • Security (802.1X + RADIUS, WLAN-security, Firewall, VPNs, PKIs, IDS/IPS, Spam-, Virus- & Malware-detection, Security-scanner, DHCP-Snooping, ARP-protection)
  • Central Administration using SNMP & WMI
  • PC-Configuration, Error Analysis, Disk Analysis (MBR, GPT, RAID)
  • BIOS & UEFI-Firmware, SecureBoot, Multiboot (EFI & GPT, MBR)
  • ATA-Security (Password security, Secure erase, HPA & DCO area)


Hardware Equipment:

Teaching and Network Infrastructure:  Sophos firewall to JKU network, central switches and patch panel, 8 x CAT6 connections to each PC, 8 IP KVMs, 2 display projectors, fileserver for manuals and white-papers

8 Exercise Groups with each: 2 PCs (incl. swappable HDs, four Gigabit NICs and WLAN-interface per PC), Cisco router, HP Layer-2 switch, HP Layer-3 switch, Juniper Layer-3 switch, WLAN Access-Point, Sophos firewall, Foundry load balancer

Other Hardware for Experiments: Cisco Layer-3 switches, Cisco PIX, Lantronix console server, LAN Splitters (100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-SX), Console management controller (Remote power, temperature- smoke, and contact detectors), Hubs, Switching hub, Cut-through switch, Dell & Intel server, iSCSI storage, PC hardware and ESD environment for laboratory experiments, WLAN APs and Raspberry Pi for embedded software development, …

Netzwerklabor-Institut für Netzwerke und Sicherheit Networklab