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Institute of Networks and Security
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INS Team:


Networks and Security

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. René Mayrhofer SP3 0230 4120 office@ins.jku.at
Assoz.-Prof. Mag. DI Dr. Michael Sonntag SP3 0235 4137 michael.sonntag@ins.jku.at
Em.o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jörg R. Mühlbacher SP3 0220-2 4120 office@ins.jku.at

Secure Systems Group

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Univ. Prof. DI DI Dr. Stefan Rass LIT OIC, 1st Floor 9545 stefan.rass@jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Severina Kehayova SP3 0231-1 4120 severina@ins.jku.at
Maximilian Kokalj SP3 0231-1 4122 office@ins.jku.at

Scientific staff

Tobias Höller SP3 0232 4133 tobias.hoeller@ins.jku.at
Martin Schwaighofer SP3 0232 4134 martin.schwaighofer@ins.jku.at
Jan Horacek SP3 0231-2 4131 jan.horacek@ins.jku.at
Michael Roland SP3 0234 4136 michael.roland@ins.jku.at
Mario Lins SP3 0232 4132 mario.lins@jku.at

General Staff

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Sabine Link SP3 0229   sabine.link@ins.jku.at
Franz Josef Bauer SP3 0222 4129 franz.bauer@ins.jku.at

Project Staff

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Philipp HOFER SP3 0232 4135          
Goodlet KUSI SP3 0220-2 4128  
Gerald SCHOIBER SP3 0233 4135  
Ernst LEIERZOPF SP3 0232    
Omid MIR OIC    


Contact: Sabine Link (link@ins.jku.at)

Christian Praher-Köppl    
Gerald Ostermayer Fachhochschule Hagenberg  
Peter Panholzer Limes Security  
Felix Eberstaller Limes Security  
Stefan Baumgartner Dynatrace  
Daniel Dorfmeister Fachhochschule Hagenberg