Enrolment & First Semester

Before and During The First Semester

In this section you find comprehensive information on what you need to know about studying Biological Chemistry at the University of Linz (JKU) and the University of South Bohemia (USB).

All students of Bachelor degree "Biological Chemistry" have to enrol at both Universities right from the start: JKU Linz and USB Ceske Budejovice


There will be only online enrolment both at JKU and USB for study year 2020/2021. All Biological Chemistry students should be enrolled at both universities!

Enrolment at JKU

For Austrian students enrolment procedure for Biological Chemistry is the same as for any other degree program. You can find more information at Enrolment for Austrian Students.

Students from Budweis will also register online before 4th September 2020. Contact Mrs. Ricanova ( from Study department at USB if you are Biological Chemistry student accepted primarily via USB Budweis and need more ifnormation).
Students from Budweis who are EU citizens are considered equivalent to Austrian Students in Linz.

If you are neither an Austrian nor a Czech student coming from Budweis you are considered to be an International Student (see also section International Students).

Non-EU citizens will require student visa for the country, where they will have residence during the respective semesters.

Enrolment at USB

There will be an update with more information to the online enrolment at USB in the first week of august 2020.

After matriculation in Linz Austrian students must also enroll at University of South Bohemia.

There will be only online enrolment to USB for primarily JKU students this year! You can read instructions here.

Please, pay Student Union Fees and Tuition Fees (ÖH- und Studienbeitrag) at JKU ASAP. We cannot contact you without paid fees.

In case of questions concerning the inscription, please contact vice-dean Mr. Tomáš Hauer ( or the study department ( You can reach Budweis by train (check CD, OBB), by bus (check this website) or by car.

During the first year (March/April), students can submit an application for an ERASMUS scholarship for the second year of their study in Budweis, see section scholarship and International Office.

International Students

In principle students can enter this bachelor program by either enrolling first in Budweis (CZ) or in Linz (AT).

Please check:  International University Entrance Qualifications Bachelor's/Diploma Degree.

The admission procedure at JKU for international students (with non-Austrian academic qualification and certification) is depending on the country where the student comes from. Therefore contact per E-mail the of JKU Linz, where you will obtain the correct information required for the admission at JKU Linz.

For the Bachelor program in Biological Chemistry there is an important exception:
The "German Proof of Education" is NOT required, since the entire program is taught in English. For any questions regarding registration/enrollment in Autria please send e-mail to:

IMPORTANT: Students with no EU or EEA citizenship must apply for a resident permit in both countries Austria and Czech Republic!!! Information regarding visas and residence permits you can obtain at the Austrian and Czech Consulate or Embassy located in your home country.

Recommended Courses

After the Online-Admission at JKU you can use your student ID (Matrikel Nummer) to register in the KUSSS for the recommended courses. A complete overview of all courses is available in the online study handbook.

Recommended Books

1st semester                  

  • Steiner, Erich The Chemistry Maths Book, 1996, ISBN 9780198559139
  • Atkins/Jones Chemical Principles: the quest for insight, 4th ed., 2007, ISBN 0-7167-9903-0
  • Atkins/Jones Chemical Principles. Study Guide and Solutions Manual, 4th ed., 2007, ISBN 9781429200998
  • Shriver/Atkins Inorganic Chemistry, 2006, ISBN 9780716748786
  • Rosenberg/Epstein Schaum's Outline of College Chemistry, 9th ed., 2007, ISBN 9780071476706

2nd semester

  • Harris, Daniel C. Quantitative chemical analysis, 7. ed., 3. print., 2007, ISBN 978-0-7167-7041-1
  • Bruice, P.Y Organic Chemistry , 5.ed., 2007, ISBN 0-13-199631-2
  • Wade , L. G. Organic Chemistry, 6.ed. , 2006, ISBN 0-13-196891-2