Stay in Budweis - Scholarship

Students of Biological Chemistry program, both Bachelor and Master, spend their second year of study at the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice (USB), Czech Republic - Jihoceska univerzita v Ceskych Budejovicich.

Biological Chemistry students can ask for ERASMUS+ scholarhip for their stay at the University of South Bohemia (USB). Each year in March/April the Intenational Office JKU organizes an ERASMUS Info meeting for Biolocal Chemistry students.

Scholarship 2021 - How to apply

How to apply:

  • Check Info Sheet Biological Chemistry – GO BUDWIES 2021 from the Info meeting.
  • NOTE: Only bachelor students asking for University student dormitory should fill in Student application/Housing form (see below how to apply for a university student dormitory)!
  • Students primarly enrolled via USB cannot ask for Erasmus to Budweis. They can ask in the 3rd year for scholarship to Linz

Accommodation application - University student dormitories:

  • A: Students which want to live at university student dormitories and did not spent any semester at USB in Ceske Budejovice fill in Housing form 2021, deadline 15th June 2021. Please check the Application Guideline. Primarly USB students in the 1st year can also apply via the Housing form 2021 for university student dormitory in Ceske Budejovice for their 2nd year of study.
  • B: Students, which will not live at university student dormitory, do not fill in the Housing from 2021.
  • C: Students, which have already spent a semester at USB in Ceske Budejovice, can apply for the university student dormitory via between 26. 4. 2021 and 23. 5. 2021 (the webpage is mostly in Czech – please use automatic Google translate)


  • The winter semester 2021 will start on 29th September 2021 and teaching period of the summer semester 2022 will end on 21nd May 2022 at USB Ceske Budejovice (recommedation: stay at least till end of June 2021 in Budweis).

Stay in Ceske Budejovice

The USB is located in Ceske Budejovice (Budweis in German) in the South Bohemia region, Czech Republic. The city is 100 km north from Linz and there is a train or bus connection between Linz and Ceske Budejovice (approx. 1 - 2 hours).

Students study at Faculty of Science (Prirodovedecka fakulta) located in the university campus. Dormitories are located within the campus and lecture halls and laboratories are in 5 minutes walking distance.

Accommdation in Ceske Budejovice

University student dormitories

The USB offers accommodation in student dormitories. Dormitories K1, K2, K3, and K4 are located direclty in the university campus. Please check webpage of USB dormitories.

  • K1 - single (3750 CZK - 145 EUR) or double rooms (2900 CZK - 115 EUR) with private bathroom and common kitchen, newly reconstructed
  • K2, K3 double rooms (2550 CZK - 100 EUR) with common bathroom and kitchen
  • K4 - small flats with two double rooms (2900 CZK - 115 EUR) and private bathroom, common kitchen (reconstruction of the K4 will start in SS2020)
  • approx. prices per person per month

Private student domitory

There is a private student dormitory called Pedagog. It it located opposite to the university campus.


You can rent a flat or a room in private/student flat. Please check conditions and distance to the university campus.