All students of Master degree "Biological Chemistry" have to enrol at both Universities: JKU Linz and USB Ceske Budejovice


Please check Enrolment at JKU and Enrolment at USB


Please, pay Student Union Fees and Tuition Fees (ÖH- und Studienbeitrag) at JKU ASAP. We cannot contact you without paid fees.

Enrolment at the JKU Linz

Austrian Students

For Austrian students enrollment procedure for Biological Chemistry is the same as for any other degree program. Find more information at Enrolment for Austrian Students.

Students from Budweis will register jointly during a trip to in September

Students from Budweis are considered to be equivalent to "Austrian Students" in Linz. Find more detailed information at Enrolment for Austrian Students. You will have to do the Online-Pre-Registration and than Online Admission before your trip to Linz. You will also have to bring your original documents and pay the ÖH-Beitrag (ca. €20/semester).

International Students

The admission procedure at JKU for international students (with non-Austrian academic qualification and certification) is depending on the country where the student comes from. Therefore contact per E-mail the of JKU Linz, where you will obtain the correct information required for the admission at JKU Linz.

In this link some admission requirements at JKU Austria are explained. For the Master program in Biological Chemistry there is an important exception:
The "German Proof of Education" is NOT required, since the entire program is taught in English. For any questions regarding registration/enrollment in Autria please send e-mail to:

Students with no EU or EEA citizenship must apply for a resident permit in both countries Austria and Czech Republic!!! Information regarding visas and residence permits you can obtain at the Austrian and Czech Consulate or Embassy located in your home country.

Enrolment at USB in Ceske Budejovice

Please, check Bachelor study program webpage (link bellow) for details about the Enrolment at USB.

Enrolment at USB (BACHELOR)


Deadlines & Important Dates

Find general Deadlines and Important Dates in the Academic Calender of JKU.

Important Dates for 1st Semester students are:

  • Early September (date will be announced in time)
    Bus trip to Linz for Czech students for Enrollment at JKU
  • Early September (date will be announced in time)
    By this date all prospective students for Biological Chemistry should have enrolled in KUSSS for the recommended courses of the 1st semester at JKU. See the Online Study Handbook .
  • Mid of September (date will be announced in time)
    Last chance for students enrolled in Austria first to send the required form for Enrollment at USB.
  • Late September
    Bus trip to Budweis for JKU Students. See Enrolment at USB
    • 2019: The bus trip will be on Friday 27th September 2019.