Recommended Courses

Additional courses at JKU that are recommended and may be recognized for courses yet missing from the curriculum. They are not yet listed in the study handbook. We will update the list, when required.

Please check with the lecturers if the courses are available in English language. But you may also take them in German.

Summer Term

Dye Chemistry and Functional Dyes 346.300
Lab course in organic electronics 346.777
Current Topics in Organic Chemistry 347.316
Functional Polymers 376.031
Bioanalytics II - exercises 320.035

Winter Term

Academic Writing 320.D30
Topics in Genetics & Evolution 320.102
Special Topics on Bioinformatics 365.094
Advanced Polymer Synthesis Lab Course 376.030
Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Polymers 376.023
Bioanalytics II - exercises 320.012
Recent Literature Seminar 347.366
Organic electronics 346.778
Organic Semiconductors 346.500
Introduction to Nano-Biomechanics 349.074
Catalysis by Metal Complexes 384.004
Current Topics in Biological Chemistry - Biocatalysis 384.005