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Institute of Pervasive Computing
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Welcome to the Institute of Pervasive Computing!

Pervasive Computing? 

per•va•sive pər-vā′sĭv, -zĭv
English, adjective: existing in or spreading through every part of something

The Institute of Pervasive Computing at Johannes Kepler University Linz is one of the first research institutions worldwide to systematically address, from different perspectives, the research questions arising from embedding AI into objects and environments of everyday life. It has been led by Alois Ferscha since its start at JKU in 2000, working closely with national and international research institutions, global technology leaders and industry.

The research focus of the institute in the area of pervasive computing is on context/awareness (identity management, localization and positioning, tagging, tracking and authentication), attention/cognition and intelligence (machine learning and pattern recognition, reasoning and planning), appliances ("smart things", "smart environments", tangible interaction, wearable computers), natural interfaces (multimodal interaction, gestural interaction, haptics, olfactory interaction) and software architecture (middleware, service management, coordination architectures).


Institute of Pervasive Computing


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Strasse 69
4040 Linz

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Altenberger Strasse 66b, 4040 Linz
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About us

The Team of the Institute of Pervasive Computing

Research projects

Cognitive Robotic System



Can Machines Think?

A Keynote by Alois Ferscha.

Current Courses

T12/T22 = a13/a23

Invited Talk by Alois Ferscha at the Anniversary Symposium "400 Years of Kepler's Book - The Freedom of Science Today", October 2019.
Slide from the presentation: Illustration 3rd Kepler's Law , opens in new window

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You can contact us via email or our regular phone ext. during office hours.

Office & library closed: Fri, June 9.


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Please contact our team via email at teaching[at]pervasive.jku.at.