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„The most profound computers are those that disappear." (Alois Ferscha - after Mark Weiser)

The Institute of Pervasive Computing is among the first research institutions worldwide to address the research issues arising from networked embedded systems being integrated into objects and environments of everyday life systematically and from different angles of perspective. The department collaborates closely with international and national research institutions, global technology leaders and industrial stakeholders.

Professor Alois Ferscha heads the institute since the year 2000. Currently, more than 15 researchers contribute to the research activities within the Pervasive Computing domain aligned along:

  • Context/ Awareness: identity management, localization and positioning, tagging, tracking and authentication
  • Attention/ Cognition and Intelligence: machine learning and pattern recognition, reasoning and planning
  • Appliances: “smart things“, “smart environments“, tangible interaction, wearable computers
  • Natural Interfaces: multimodal interaction, gestural interaction, haptics, olfactory interaction
  • Software Architecture: middleware, service management, coordination architectures.

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