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Institute of Pervasive Computing
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Guest lectures

We have been able to attract outstanding scientists to give guest lectures at the Johannes Kepler University Linz and in our courses.

How embedded systems can augment human intelligence in medicine.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Amft, Lehrstuhl für Digital Health, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, DE (5. März 2020)

Beyond IoT - Ubiquitous sensing and human experience.

Prof. Dr. Joseph A. Paradiso, MIT Media Lab, MA, US (12. September 2016)

Peripheral Displays.

Prof. Dr. Florian Alt, LFE Medieninformatik, LMU München, DE (6. Juni 2016)

Aesthetic Computing: Expanding Representation of the Computing Process and Perceptual Dimensions.

Dr. Myounghoon Jeon, Michigan Technological University, US (4. April 2016)

A Framework to Support Opportunistic Groups in Context Aware and Internet of Things Applications.

Prof. Anind K. Dey, HCI Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, US (8. Mai 2015)

Experimental Evaluation of User Interfaces for Visual Indoor Navigation.

Prof. Matthias Kranz, Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Eingebettete Systeme, Universität Passau, DE (24. April 2015)

Smartphones as a Resource for Understanding People.

Prof. Anind K. Dey, HCI Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, US (11. Februar 2014)

Using the logic of complexity theory to address apparently intractable problems.

Prof. Eve Mitleton-Kelly, Complexity Research Group, London School of Economics & Political Science, UK (12. Juli 2013)

Soft Robotics: Self-organization, Embodiment and Biological Inspiration.

Prof. Rolf Pfeifer, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Universität Zürich, CH (9. Juni 2011)

Wearable Computing and Activity Recognition.

Dr. Daniel Roggen, Wearable Computing Lab, ETH Zürich, CH (18. Mai 2011)

Theremin - berührungslos musizieren.

Günther Gessert, Institut für Medienarchäologie, AT (12. Mai 2010)

Werden wir in Zukunft noch eine Privatsphäre haben? Über den Datenschutz im Ubiquitous Computing.

Dr. Marc Langheinrich, Institut für Pervasive Computing, ETH Zürich, CH (29. Jänner 2008)

Design, Implementierung und Evaluierung intelligenter Raumassistenzsysteme.

Prof. Antonio Krüger, Universität Münster, DE (28. November 2007)

Ubiquitous Display Landscapes.

Dr. Gerd Kortuem, Lancaster University, UK (1. März 2007)

In Situ 3D Visualization with Deployable and Head-worn Displays.

Dr. Jannick Rolland, University of Central Florida, US (26. Juni 2006)

Interacting with Mobile and Pervasive Systems.

Dr. Albrecht Schmidt, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, DE (25. Jänner 2006)

Cooperative Artefacts - Context Sensing and Aggregation embedded in Physical Objects.

Prof. Hans Werner Gellersen, Lancaster University, UK (18. November 2004)

Embedded Interactive Systems.

Prof. Hans Werner Gellersen, Lancaster University, UK (22. Mai 2003)

Wearable Agents.

Prof. Thad Starner, Georgia Institute of Technology, US (14. November 2002)

Der Trend zur Informatisierung und Vernetzung aller Dinge - Pervasive und Ubiquitous Computing.

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Mattern, ETH Zürich, CH (21. März 2002)