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Institute of Pervasive Computing
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Wireless Campus.

Establishing wireless networking infrastructure at the university campus.

Funding Bm:bmk    
Duration 2002-2003
Role Proposer, Coordinator, Project Leader
Wireless Campus - Flyer

The software group is responsible for the concept and implementation of a wireless communication infrastructure covering the whole University of Linz campus area, based on a IEEE802.11b WLAN. Besides the deployment of more than 220 WLAN access points, a Virtual Private Network data concentrator and an LDAP based authentification system, a software solution is provided to support research, teaching and management agenda on campus based on location (IEEE802.11b, Bluetooth) and identification (IrDA, optical markers) technologies. A context sensitive tag resolution system (RFID) is used to provide situation dependent mobile-learning services, and a team-awareness system is built on top of a multi-resolution, 3D campus model (“Campus Space”).