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JKU Learning Networks.

ICT support for context-aware learning in mobile teams at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Funding Land OÖ, eLearning Offensive JKU    
Duration 2003-2005
Role Proposer, Coordinator, PI


The project JKU Learning network aims at the consistent conversion of new teaching (knowledge-steered coaching, mentoring, medial support for self-organized learning teams) and learning paradigms (personalized and certain learning, project-oriented, collaborative, situative learning, active learning, just in time learning) under optimum use of the technological conditions available at the JKU (Wireless Campus, eLearning platform) for establishment of more life-accompanying learning and knowledge nets uniting instructors and learners at the JKU.

The primary goal of the project lies therefore in the technical simplification and support of inter-personal communication among teachers and learners provided by intuitively operated mobile training/learning devices (Wireless PDAs and Notebooks) to enable mediated (synchronous or asynchronous) communication, and to support situative, context-aware learning in mobile learning teams. Appropriate applications and services are being developed in the project which will also be validated in tests and trials on campus.