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Institute of Pervasive Computing
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Beyond the Horizon.

Thematic Group: Pervasive Computing and Communications.

Funding EU FP6, FET Open Call Prioritiy 2 Information Society Technologies    
Project no. 006622    
Duration 2005 - 2006
Role Leader TC 1: Pervasive Computing and Communications


The goal is to identify Information-and-Communications-Technology-related research trends and strategic areas that require support.

Key areas:

  • Networked Societies of Artefacts: Groups of artefacts, organized as 'societies' (characterized by huge size and enormous complexity), will have to share competencies, to collectively act in a sensitive, proactive, and responsive way according to the perceived and anticipated needs, habits, and emotions of the users.
  • Evolveable Systems: In order to cope with the continuously changing contexts, conditions, and purpose of their use, systems must become self-configuring, self-healing, selfoptimizing and self-protecting, from a hardware and software point of view.
  • Human Computer Confluence: Refers to an invisible, implicit, embodied or even implanted interaction between humans and system components. New classes of user interfaces may evolve that make use of several sensors and are able to adapt their physical properties to the current situational context of users.