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Pervasive Adaptation Network for the Organisation of the Research Agenda and the Management of Activities.

Funding EU FP7- ICT-2007.8.2, CSA    
Project no. 213967    
Duration 2008-2011
Consortium Edinburgh Napier University*, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Institut Mines-Telecom, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine
Role Proposer, WP Leader, Project Partner


Panorama Buch

The goal of the PANORAMA coordination action is to bring together the wide range of researchers in the field covered by the PERADA proactive initiative, and to build a new community of researchers who can work together on common goals, so ensuring that the research carried out by members of that community is integrated, coordinated and informed.

The main objectives are:

  • Construction and maintenance of the research agenda
  • Dissemination of ideas internal and externally
  • Community building
  • Coordination of research

The activities that the network will support are:

  • An annual Pervasive Adaptation conference
  • Summer schools to train young researchers and to facilitate the introduction of more senior researchers to areas outside their own field of expertise
  • Major Public showcase - designed to demonstrate the work of PERADA to the public
  • Production of training materials for use in teaching and dissemination
  • Building and maintaining a Pervasive Adaptation research agenda
  • Exchanges of personnel between research groups to help facilitate the exchange of knowledge
  • Maintaining a community web-site including news, individual and research group details and a document repository
  • Workshops in particular research areas to help widen inclusion of new members
  • Conference workshops designed to bring the IPs and STREPS of the proactive initiative together
  • Help to coordinate future research proposals in response to future calls to ensure that all of the objectives of that call are covered
  • Assessment of the performance and impact of the Pervasive Adaptation call
  • A survey of and coordination with national research programmes
  • An examination of the need for international cooperation outside of the EU
  • Encouragement and coordination of bids for funding to Eranet and Eranet Plus
  • A survey of national PhD programmes and the promotion of PA within these programmes
  • A 'popular science' book on Pervasive Adaptation