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News und Events.

[Translate to Englisch:] Vortragsfoto, Zuhörer Uni in Taiwan

Presentation of our institute head, Univ.-Prof. Julian Reiss, PhD, at
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition

Title: Adversarial Collaboration: Snake Oil or Cure-all?

Link zum Vortrag:


[Translate to Englisch:] Logo Konferenz EpiCause

EpiCause 2024
Epidemiology in Causality

Conference 02.-04. Mai 2024

image source: Institute of Philosophy and Scientific Method, JKU


[Translate to Englisch:] Bild von Prof. Julian Reiss

Congratulations to department head, Univ. Prof. Julian Reiss, PhD, on being elected the new chairman and senator of Leopoldina Section 24, “Philosophy of Science”!

Photo credit: JKU

[Translate to Englisch:] Gruppenbild Ehrengäste

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities Opened Its Doors on April 17, 2023

The "School of Social Sciences and Humanities" officially opened at the JKU's "Circus of Knowledge" on April 17, 2023.

Photo credit: JKU

[Translate to Englisch:] Zeitungsartikel Standard

Newspaper Recommendation: "Der Standard" endorses a book by Mag. Dr. phil. Alexander Linsbichler, MA, our FWF project manager.

14/12/2023: Following favourable reviews in quarterly journal by Austrian Economics and in Academia Österreich, the Austrian daily newspaper, "Der…

[Translate to Englisch:] Ausschnittsbild vom Theaterstück

Event/Stage Play: "Und da oben dazwischen die Sterne"
The head of our institute, Mr. Univ.-Prof. Julian Reiss can be found in the main roles and played a key role in the creation of this play.

Science & Ethics. Kepler and Galileo? There was something. Stars and binoculars, mathematics and experiment.

Text & Directing: Gerhard Willert

[Translate to Englisch:] Bild vom Handbuch

Book launch of the Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Economics

Book launch of the Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Economics (ed. by Conrad Heilmann and Julian Reiss) at the conference of the Society for the…

[Translate to Englisch:] Prof. Reiss Titelbild

Congratulation to the nice inaugural lecture of the head of our institute,
Univ.-Prof. Julian REISS, , PhD., lic. oec. HSG, ML, MAE, MEurASc, on 02/05/22
Title: "Wissenschaftstheorie als Philosophie der Lebenskunst"

(image source: JKU Linz, Univ-Prof. J. Reiss)

[Translate to Englisch:] Zeitungsausschnitt OOer des Tages , Prof. Reiss

Article in the newspaper "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten":
Upper Austrian of the day on April 5th, 2022: Univ.-Prof. Julian REISS, , PhD., lic. oec. HSG, ML, MAE, MEurASc

(image source: JKU Linz, OÖ Nachrichten)