PhD Studies.

Information on doctoral studies at the Institute for Philosophy and Scientific Method at the JKU

At the Institute for Philosophy and Philosophy of Science, PhD dissertations can be supervised in most areas in philosophy of science. Specific expertise exists on topics in:

  • general philosophy of science (e.g. scientific reasoning, evidence, causality, scientific models, idealisation, realism & anti-realism, objectivity, scientific expertise)
  • Philosophy of the social and economic sciences;
  • Philosophy of medicine;
  • political economy;

as well as on the topic “The role of science in society”. Unfortunately, dissertations on other topics cannot be supervised.

A prerequisite for studying for a doctorate at the Institute for Philosophy and Philosophy is in any case successful completion of a master’s degree in philosophy. Additional knowledge of at least one science is an advantage and can be made a further prerequisite, depending on the dissertation topic.

Please send inquiries to: philo[at]