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Institute of Polymer Science
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Research instruments

We use the instruments shown and more for our research and they can be contracted by you for service measurements. Please let us know your requirements!


Research Focus AFM

We have a few Atomic Force Microscopes and an expert team of operators for this fascinating focus.


Asylum Research_MFP-3D_AFM

Research Focus  RAMAN Spectroscopy

We have two sophisticated raman spectroscopes handeled by our expert operators.  

Research Focus Rheology

The focus Rhology has a long tradition in our institute and 4 rheometers are constantly in use for research, teaching and service measurements by our expert team of scientists.  

Microscopy und Microtomy

Microscopy and microtomy is used to characterize polymers in our institute and is essential for sample preparation. Again it needs a highly qualified team of operators.
[Translate to Englisch:] Durchlicht und Auflichtmikroskop mit Heiztisch (zur Messung von Wachstumsgeschwindigkeit bei hohen Temperaturen) [Translate to Englisch:] Leica Ultracut UCT Mikroton zur Anfertigung von Ultradünnschnitten für Transmissionsmikroskop

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

The DSC is used for thermic analysis of polymers.

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

The thermogravimetric analysis is an important component of characterisation of polymers

Contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems

Our expert team records the surface and interfacial tension of liquids using the Dataphysics OCA.