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Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing
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Head of Institute

Deputy Head of Institute

Name Room Direct dial E-Mail
Assoc. Prof. DI Dr.mont. Jörg FISCHER S2 125 6617 joerg.fischer(at)jku.at

Office Assistant

Name Room Direct dial E-Mail
Gudrun HAIDER, MBA S2 121-1 6610 gudrun.haider(at)jku.at


Name Room Direct Dial E-Mail
em.o.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr.mont. Reinhold W. LANG S2 121-2 6611 reinhold.lang(at)jku.at


CHASE Researchers

Name Room

Direct Dial

DI Mohamad Hassan AKHRAS S2 132 +43 664 8568500 (Mobile) hassan.akhras(at)chasecenter.at
DI Johanna LANGWIESER, BSc S2 108 +43 664 9693520 (Mobile) johanna.langwieser(at)chasecenter.at
DI Dr.techn. Ines TRAXLER, BSc S2 108 +43 664 8568524 (Mobile) ines.traxler(at)chasecenter.at


Name Room Direct Dial E-Mail
Michael Babatunde ADEBANJO S2 117 6691 michael.adebanjo(at)student.uni-miskolc.hu