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Institute of Process Engineering
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Institute of Process Engineering

Studying the engineering science of process engineering at the JKU.

Process engineering is an independent engineering science focusing on transforming materials by means of mechanical, chemical, and thermal processes. Process engineering is a discipline that transfers findings by natural scientists and, in regard to JKU chemists, into viable technical concepts. Process engineering, for example, can turn a chemical experiment into a process that can be used by industry and in production.

Would you like to learn more about process engineering?  Click here for insight:  "Young Process Engineers", opens a file (German only).
Interested? Choose to earn a Bachelor's or Master's degree in process engineering! Simply contact Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hlawitschka!

The Bachelor's degree program in process engineering at the JKU includes fundamental, base-knowledge methods in material conversion - both in classroom theory and hands-on, real-world practices.

The Master's degree program gives students an opportunity to specialize in process engineering and process technology, and learn how to design plants as well as carry out chemical apparatus engineering at processing plants 

By the way, our institute is abbreviated: IVT!



Institute of Process Engineering


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Kopfgebäude Building Administration 7th floor

Office Hours

Mo-Thu: 9:00 AM - 2.00 PM


+43 732 2468 9740


Process engineering is exciting!
Scheme of a plant for desalination with membrane destillation. Scheme of a plant for desalination with membrane destillation.

Why should you learn more about process engineering?

The "Young Process Engineers" provides insight.


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Transforming Sound and Material
Transforming Sound and Material
„The JKU is the perfect place for me to study! There is an extensive range of courses in natural sciences, plus I have the advantages of being in a larger city like Linz but still being able to enjoy the outdoors.“
Mag. Magdalena Freudenthaler
Graduate of Teacher Education Studies in Math and Physics
Studierende Magdalena Freudentaler im Science Park stehend