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Institute of Process Engineering
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In 1997, process engineering was established as a new chair at the TNF by o.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Wolfgang Samhaber. This was based on intensive suggestions from the leading industrial companies in Linz.

Milestones since 1997

  • until 1999 Chemiepark Linz
  • until 2016 former bio lab of AGRE Linz, Leonding
  • since March 2016 Technikum at the JKU Campus

  • Environmental Process Engineering
  • Nanofiltration and high-pressure reverse osmosis
  • Separation processes with liquid CO2
  • Characterisation and modification of polymer membranes
  • Synthesis and characterisation of emulsion polymerisation
  • Isolation and purification of aromatics, natural products and active ingredients
  • Down-stream processing of natural and synthesised products
  • Geothermal energy
  • Heat transport, storage

In addition to the classical subjects of process engineering, lectures on the topics of membrane technology were offered in teaching.

The supervision of diploma and master's students, as well as doctoral students, was a particular concern of em.o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Samhaber.


The institute was newly established in 1997 in the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Technical Sciences (TNF) at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Due to a lack of space on the university campus, the IVT was located at the site of the former Agrolinz bio-lab in Leonding until March 2016.


The focus of research was on membrane and nanoprocess technology. Furthermore, the team worked continuously on projects for industry, mainly in the field of food process engineering. The primary goal was to develop economically and ecologically attractive concepts with partners. Further intensive research took place in the field of geothermal energy.
In 2009, the GEOSOLA geothermal research facility was built at the Leonding site. Long-term research for new geothermal concepts took place there.

Impressions of the extensive construction work and deep drilling for the GEOSOLA project at the Leonding site (formerly the Agro Linz laboratory).