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Institute of Process Engineering
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Mission Statement.


Process engineering opens the door to industry

This requires:

  • highly-skilled graduates in technical chemistry capable of working professionally for industry and able to conduct research
  • combining real-world applications in process engineering with conventional academic studies in the classroom
  • students who possess a high degree of innovative ability

in order to provide graduates with a wide range of professional occupations.


Educating technical chemists as industry experts

The JKU established IVT at the suggestion of local industry in the Linz area. We consider it our mission to educate students in a way that ideally prepares them to meet the demands and requirements of industry and the business community.

  • Ensure university-level education and high-quality research
  • Conduct research to support new and future-oriented process technologies
  • Support students' innovative abilities
  • Provide education in entrepreneurship
  • Share R&D findings with other institutions
  • Actively take part in knowledge exchange events
  • Maintain contact with industries in Austria and abroad