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our team introduces itself:



Name Room Extension E-mail

Univ.- Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Mark Hlawitschka


TE 0113 9742 mark.hlawitschka@jku.at

Post Doc

Name Room Extension e-mail
Dr.-Ing. Alexander Keller TE 0115 9746



Office Assistant

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Sabina Kapeller-Sitter TE 0114 9740 sabina.kapeller-sitter@jku.at

Research Assitants


Name Room Extension E-Mail
Johannes Huber Hall 9750 johannes.huber@jku.at


Student Assistant

Name extension E-mail
Gaser ElDib - Technik/Forschung 9740 (Sekretariat) gaser.el_dib@jku.at
Klapal Florian - Research 9740 (Secretariat) florian.klapal@jku.at


Visiting PhD Student

Name Room extension E-mail
Chen Sihang, MSc TE 0112 9753 chen.sihang@jku.at


Former Staff Members

Name Semester Task
Dr. Mohammad Rezaei, MSc. 2013 - 2021 Teaching, Research,
Dissertation October 2017,
afterwards 4 more years as PostDoc at the institute
Drechsler Diana WS 19/20 to WS 20/21 Teaching
Dobringer Georg SS 21 Teaching  
Redl Samuel WS 19/20 to SS 21 Lehre
Ikic Vanessa WS 20/21 to SS 22 Research & Teaching
ElDib Gaser SS 21 Research, Ars Electronica
Brandner Sonja SS 21 Research Industry, Ars Electronica
Bönisch Sebastian SS 21 to SS 22 Ars Electronica
Flatscher Stefanie SS 21 to SS 22 Ars Electronica

Current Final Theses

Bachelor's or Master's theses as well as dissertations currently supervised and accompanied by the Institute.

  Name Topic Industry partner Supervision
Master Thesis Klapal Florian Precipitation of lithium carbonate in a gas bubble column with carbon dioxide   Prof. Hlawitschka
Dissertation Sadra Mahmoudi, MSc. working title: Investigating of the effect of solid particles on the behavior of Slurry Bubble Column Reactors   Prof. Hlawitschka
Bachelor Thesis Groenewold Catharina Anna Solvent extraction column dynamics and efficiency investigations   Prof. Hlawitschka
Master Thesis Danner Daniel Coalescence investigations in a micro apparatus   Prof. Hlawitschka
Master Thesis Weber Dominik Determining the Size of Single Bubbles with Passive Acoustic Measurements and Deep Learning   Prof. Hlawitschka
Master Thesis Demirdögön Berfin     Dr. Keller


Completed Theses

Successfully completed bachelor and master theses as well as dissertations.

  Name Topic Industry partner Supervision        
Bachelor Thesis Medl Florian Sedimentation Energie AG Prof. Hlawitschka        
Bachelor Thesis Bönisch Sebastian Solvent Extraction            

Master Thesis

Asante Samuel

Methanation of CO²


Prof. Hlawitschka

Master Thesis Flatscher Stefanie

Near Zero Liquid Discharge

Membrane Distillation Crystallization

  Prof. Hlawitschka        
Bachelor Thesis Kühberger Florian

Reactive extraction of acetic acid


  Dr. Keller