Membrane Seminar

The Linz Membrane Seminar 2021 will take place in September.

grafische Darstellung von Stofftrennung mit einer Membran, Darstellung der Separation der kleineren Teilchen durch die Membran blau/rot, Membran grau

Linz Membrane Seminar

Seminar offer

The two-day seminar deals in great detail with topics on the important membrane separation processes, with dimensioning and design basics and the associated technical application of membranes. The lecturer, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Samhaber, is regarded as an absolute expert and connoisseur of the various technologies and areas of application. Theory and practice in 2 days! Sign up.
The importance of membrane technology in the separation of substances in the production, processing and reprocessing of operating materials, reactants and products requires constant further development and adaptation to new conditions.
Whether water is used as a raw material, solvent or for the purification of ingredients, the use of membrane technology achieves high-quality results with reduced energy consumption.
Pressure-driven membrane processes enable a wide range of applications with high energy efficiency.
Membrane technology applications thus offer an economical as well as ecological alternative for many classic standard processes and provide a high reduction in CO2 emissions.

The seminar will focus in particular on the following:
- Membrane separation processes
- Modules and plants
- Cost considerations

Seminar content

In addition to theoretical content, the seminar offers illustrative practical examples of the various membrane separation processes. You can also bring in your own application examples.

Practical problems are solved in small groups.
The proposed solutions will be discussed with the seminar leader after the seminar.


  • Basics and technical-economic aspects
  • Systematics of known membrane processes
  • Mass transport and separation
  • Modules, components, concepts
  • Applications, fouling and scaling
  • Processes and plant dimensioning
  • Determination of investment and operating costs

Reverse osmosis/nanofiltration
Membrane characterisation and separation of solvent-water systems.
In water treatment for softening and reduction of special components.
Membrane distillation
For concentration of solutions and comparison with osmotic membrane separation.
Submerged and cross-flow membrane applications for finely dispersed systems, fouling/cover layers.
Design calculation and cost estimation
Spreadsheets are used to process the practically determined data.

If you have a practical application example in the context of this seminar that you would like to propose for discussion and/or preliminary investigation, please provide us with data and samples at least 4 weeks before the start of the seminar.