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Ars Electronica 2021 Sound of Bubbles

A Process Art Project

Do you feel stressed?

what do bubbles, adventure and process engineering have to offer at the Ars Electronica Festival.

In the installation, Sound of Bubbles, DO YOU FEEL STRESSED, rising bubbles in the water create sounds and form a calming and hypnotic soundscape that invites listeners to watch, listen and calm down. The sounds are picked up and amplified by underwater microphones. The stress-reducing installation makes playful use of the scientific phenomenon of "multiphase systems". In addition, detailed phenomena are brought closer in a playful way at a small experience corner.


Multiphase systems are ubiquitous in process engineering. The particle size plays a central role here, as it directly influences the mass transport, but also the hydrodynamics. At the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering, the focus is currently on three-phase bubble columns (gas/liquid+catalyst), such as those used in methanol synthesis. While conventional measurement techniques are used to detect the bubble size in two-phase systems, exciting starting points arise from the coupling of sound and artificial intelligence.

The project gives a first insight into the sound world of bubbles, which is relevant for further developments.

The video shows all the impressions:

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Sound of Bubbles

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