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Institute of Process Engineering
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Exams and degrees

Written examinations are held in the following courses:

  • 337001 Chemical Process Engineering (Bachelor)
  • 337011 Advanced Chemical Process Engineering (Master)
  • 337013 Instrumentation and Processautomation (Master, free elective)
    You can find the current exam dates in  KUSSS.

Grades in the following courses are based on an assessment of the project work.

  • 337010 Basic Lab Course in Chemical Process Engineering (Bachelor)
  • 337002 Lab Course in Advanced Process Engineering  (Master)
  • 337012 Basic Plant Design and Engineering (Master)
  • 337019 Seminar in Process and Plant Engineering (Master, Preconditions 337001, 337011, 337012)
  • 337007 Membrane Seperation Technologies (Master, free elective)
  • 337004 Current Topics in Technologies (Green Chemistry, Micro Process Engineering) (free elective, Master)

exam registration

Registration and deregistration for written exams is possible via KUSSS up to 1 week before the exam date. For registrations and cancellations after that date, please contact the secretary's office.