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Diploma and Master Theses.

Information about the preparation of a diploma or master thesis

Guidelines for scientific work

Information on the prerequisites, the procedure and the formal design can be found in the current guidelines for the preparation of scientific work at the institute. For further information please contact: pnp@jku.at

Submission / plagiarism check

Please also note: The submission of your scientific work to the department of Teaching and Studies Organization will be exclusively in electronic form as of March 1, 2022. The submitted works are checked with a special plagiarism software for matching passages on the internet. For further information please contact: plagiatpruefung@jku.at.

Topics for scientific diploma and master theses

The institute offers students in diploma or master studies a pool of topics for scientific theses.

Assignment of new diploma and master theses

The assignment of new diploma or master theses takes place at the institute in an orderly manner at two dates per year. You will find the current list of topics here, with the request to submit your application (only one topic can be chosen per applicant) by January 15 or July 15 to pnp@jku.at.

The application should include your contact details, details of your studies, the courses you have taken with us, and the topic you wish to pursue, with a few lines of elaboration.

The final award, acceptance or rejection will then be made based on the submissions by early February/early August. With the confirmation of supervision, attendance of the diploma/master thesis seminar is also obligatory.


List of topics: status November 2022

  • Fundraising und Sponsoring in kleinen Kulturvereinen
    (Fundraising and Sponsoring in Small Cultural Associations)

  • Entwicklung der öffentlichen Verschuldung durch und nach Corona
    (Development of public debt by and after Corona)

  • IPSAS Governance

  • Reform ausgewählter IPSAS Standards
    (Reform of selected IPSAS standards)

  • Open Data im Wandel
    (Open Data in Transition)

  • Europäische Stabilitäts- und Rettungsfonds: Ausgestaltung und Messung
    (European stability and rescue funds: design and measurement)

  • Citizen-state interaction: Public participation and information exchange

  • Government transparency and freedom of information

  • Citizens´attitudes toward the state and public opinion

  • Informationsplattformen als Intermeiäre zwischen Bürger und Staat
    (Information platforms as intermediaries between citizens and state)

The topics are to be understood as framework topics and still have to be specified in the course of the concept development.