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Offer in Bachlor's Degree Program

Introduction to Business Administration

For the Bachelor of Business Administration program (also applies to other curricula e.g. Economics 2020, business education and business informatics), the PNP offers the 2-hour course "Introduction to Business Administration" (multiple times). Contact: gbwl(at)jku.at

Introduction to Economics for Lawyers

The Diploma Program in Law (and Multimedia Diploma Program in Law) also provides a Combined Course "Einführung in die Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Juristinnen und Juristen" ("Introduction to Economics for Lawyers") (243.115, 6 hours, 6 ECTS). This is held not only in classroom study, but also in multimedia diploma studies with a corresponding course stream. Contact: jurbwl(at)jku.at

In the course, the basics of the functioning of companies and entrepreneurial activity are discussed. The primary goal is thus to impart basic business knowledge. In addition to a general overview of key areas of business administration, there is a certain emphasis on the areas of finance and accounting.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Minor Public and Nonprofit Managment

The subject "Minor Public and Nonprofit Management" in the Bachelor of Business Administration (2020W) deals with the special features of institutions in the public (state) and private nonprofit sector and shows which effects these features have on their management. In particular, it is made clear in which areas management knowledge can be adopted from the commercial sector and which adaptations may be necessary in this context. Furthermore, basic knowledge is imparted in specific management areas which are not relevant for for-profit organizations (e.g. volunteer management or certain fundraising instruments). In addition, cooperation between institutions in the market, government and nonprofit sectors will be examined so that an awareness is created of why and how services in the public interest are created in institutional networks.

With regard to the professional profile, the minor addresses future managers and employees in public administrations, public companies and private non-profit organizations on the one hand; on the other hand, employees working in companies with interfaces to public institutions and private non-profit organizations are also relevant target groups (e.g. personnel, tax and management consulting, banks and financial institutions).

The minor is composed of two modules and a total of three courses. Module 1 - Fundamentals of Public and Nonprofit Management - consists of the basic course Public and Nonprofit Management. This basic module creates a basic understanding of public institutions as well as nonprofit organizations and the specifics of their management. Building on this, Module 2 - Special Fields in Public and Nonprofit Management - applies this knowledge to selected (theory-based and also practice-oriented) issues.

Engl. Grafik 1

Bachelor of Business Administration 2020 - Major Public and Nonprofit Management (PNP)


The minor in Public and Nonprofit Management is the basis of the specialization field in the Economics 2020 curriculum and is completed by a selection of supplementary subjects.

Engl. Grafik 2

Bachelor of Business Administration 2019 - Specialization Public and Nonprofit Management (PNP)

Due to the redesign of the Bachelor of Business Administration and the restructuring of the Bachelor of Economics, students who would like to complete the program in the old plan will find a different structure.
For further information please contact: pnp(at)jku.at.

Engl. Grafik 3

Basic course

The "Grundkurs Public und Nonprofit Management" ("Basic Course Public and Nonprofit Management") conveys in a compact form the basics of the subject. As a student you will get an overview of the business problems of public administrations, public companies and management in non-profit organizations. Prerequisite for this basic course  are the following courses:

  •  Fundamentals of Business Administration
  •  Fundamentals of Integrated Management

Further courses

Due to the decreasing demand in connection with the discontinuation of the "Bachelors Wirtschaftswissenschaften alt", the teaching of the course  243.512 PNP 2 has to be changed from "semester by semester" to "annually in the summer semester".
Therefore, the course will be offered again in summer semester 2024 for the last time!
Please take this into account when planning or entering the concentration.

The two seminars build on the knowledge imparted in the basic course and deepen it in selected areas.

With regard to the details of the courses, please refer to the course descriptions which appear with the individual courses in the KUSSS or to the study manual.

Prerequsite rule

The only prerequisite rule is that the basic course must be completed before the other courses can be taken.


For the completion of the subject, there is no separate subject examination. The grade is calculated from the weighted average of the course examinations. This also ensures that the main subject can be completed in two semesters.

The completion of the subject does not take place automatically (!), it must be registered at the Examination and Recognition Service (PAS). Simply go to the PAS with the student ID and have the degree noted.

Contact for further questions about the major/minor/specialization field: pnp@jku.at

Bachelor Business Law

The Bachelor of Business Law has not yet been adapted to the reorganization of the Bachelor of Business Administration. Therefore, the current version of the Business Law curriculum still applies to Business Law students and the Public and Nonprofit Management concentration must be completed according to the old regulations.

See Bachelor of Business Administration 2019.

If an adjustment is made, you will find this out via the announcement in the study handbook. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information on when and how the adjustment will be made.

Bachelor thesis

You have the possibility to write your bachelor thesis at our institute.

For further information please contact: pnp@jku.at.

For more information, please click here:

  • Preparation of a bachelor thesis at the PNP



Our institute, primarily responsible a.Univ.Prof. Dr. René Andeßner, supervises this course 243.010 "Economics", witch belongs to the bachelor's degree in law (2022W).