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Offer in Diploma Program

Structure, phasing out, and transferring to a Bachelor's degree

For further information about the structure and phasing out of the Diploma in Economics and helpful tips for transferring to a Bachelor's degree please contact: pnp@jku.at




The major subject corresponds to that of the bachelor's program. The basic course (= PNP 1) must be completed in order to take the other courses PNP 2, Seminar 1 and 2 (=PNP 3 and PNP 4).

Due to the decreasing demand in connection with the discontinuation of the "Diplomstudium Wirtschaftswissenschaften" and the "Bachelors Wirtschaftswissenschaften alt", the holding of the course 243.512 PNP 2 has to be changed from "semester by semester" to "annually each summer semester".
Therefore, the course will be offered again regularly in summer semester 2022, but then only again in summer semester 2023.
Please take this into account when planning or entering the major.

There is no separate subject examination. The grade is calculated from the weighted average of the course exams. This also ensures that the specialization can be completed in two semesters.


Diploma thesis

You have the possibility to write your diploma thesis at our institute.

For further information please contact: pnp@jku.at.