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Elastistic Lightweight Design Robot.

Meanwhile the institutes elastic articulated robot ElRob got a bit long in the tooth concerning the mechanical as well as the electrical construction. Due to this fact a new concept was developed and resulted in the new robot Ella. Within this process the electronics were brought up to the state-of-the-art. Additionally instead of measuring the curvature with strain gauges, angular rate as well as accelerations sensors are used. With this additional sensor information it is possible to achieve sufficient vibration suppression during trajectory as well as disturbance control.

Technical data:

  • Mechanical construction: Serial kinematic with three rotatory degrees of freedom
  • Drives: 3 x 520W synchronous servo engines
  • Max. speed: axis 1&2 = 8.9 rad/sec, axis 3 = 5.6 rad/sec
  • Max. payload: 5kg
  • Dead load to payload ratio: 0.415
  • Control system: Bernecker & Rainer IPC
  • Control performance: Current control 100 µs, Position control 400µs

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