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Institute of Robotics
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Mobile Robot.

The contribution in the field of mobile robotics is focused on autonomous navigation. In particular algorithms for path planning, mapping and obstacle avoidance are developed and evaluated. The key objective of this research is the development of service robots, autonomous transport systems and autonomous observations systems. An other topic in the field of mobile robotics that is currently under investigation is human-robot-interaction with robotic manipulators.

Technical data:

Drive Performance: 2 x 108W
Electrical Capacity: 47Ah at 24V
Drive Technology: 2 steered and driven wheels, 2 castor wheels (diagonal configuration)
Control System: RTAI Linux with ROS
Maximal Velocity: 1 m/s
Perception: 2 Microsoft Kinect, Sick Laser Scanner
Special Features: Schunk LWA3 manipulator with 7 degrees of freedom

Institute of Robotics


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