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Modular Redundant Robot.

In contrast to ordinary industrial robots, redundant robots feature more actuators than degrees of freedom in space giving them more manoeuvrability. Additionally to the redundant actuator approach the use modular actuators gives more flexibility in the design of the robot's configuration as joints can just be exchanged by actuators with different performance or rearranged to configurations best suiting a specific task.
Topics of research are the modelling and control of this type of robots. Decentralized strategies for control are under examination, as well as recursive approaches for the calculation of central computed model based controller designs. Based on the fact of the round form of the units and their low joint velocities, the LWA3 robot arm lends itself to different human-robot-interaction strategies. In addition compliance control schemes as well as avoidance and nullspace motion are discussed because of the redundant configuration.

Technical data:

  • Mechanical construction: 7 rotatory axes
  • Maximum joint velocities: 0.6 rad/s
  • Drive Performance: Brushless servomotors @ 24VDC with Harmonic Drive gears

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